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Thursday’s Special: imperfection…

This week the prompt for Lost in Translation’s
Thursday’s Special is



This is a picture of my Christmas Cactus.
Last year it was nearly perfect,
but this year it met with some playful cats
and lost a few leafy branches.
Because it was in danger of losing its life
I had to move it from its preferred spot
to the top of the armoire.
It doesn’t get as much sun there so not all the
leaves have flowers this year.
I think with imperfections it is still beautiful.

Click on the sphere and see other photos.

22 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: imperfection…

  1. I’m certainly imperfect, especially today. Carmela leaves at 4…I’ll go walk her for the last time, at least here. My plan is to go to Brooklyn on Saturdays to see her. Her parents agreed, but it’s almost an hour away, so a great effort will be needed on my part. Glad Teddy is being nicer to Jack. Siblings…it’s tough when you expected to be the only child.

      1. I saw her yesterday, and what a reunion it was. She howled when she saw me. I was so touched. My plan is to see her Saturdays. It’s worth the travel, really 🙂

  2. Toby had great fun with Papa Bear’s Christmas cactus too! Thankfully it survived the pruning and he is no longer allowed access to it’s favorite window! Yours looks beautiful still!

    1. It looks ok up high but when on a table the damage is very obvious and not pretty. I am not sure where to put the plant…Teddy gets up on the armoire, super cat that he is.

    1. This is the second year I have had this cactus and it has peaked a few days before Christmas both years. It is kinda homely when it is dropping flowers.

  3. They say that beauty is in imperfection 🙂 I wish cats could be trained ;). Patricia, I like cacti a lot, but my thumbs are all black despite the fact that I keep no cats. Thank you for the entry 🙂

    1. I believe it is true that beauty is in imperfection. Cats can be trained to some extent, but I don’t have the patience or perseverance to do it. I keep only easy plants…if they are finicky and need special care other than water, air, and sun they will not survive this place.

  4. I think imperfection is always beautiful – in plants, people, life… Imperfection is evidence of the life we’ve led.

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