10 thoughts on “Greetings…

  1. Please forgive my absence. Not to make excuses but between hearing issues and the impending loss of Carmela, I’m off my game. I think of you though loving how you write and what you choose to share.
    Will be more vigilant in the New Year…love to Teddy and his new sibling.
    Sincerely, Susannah

    1. Susannah, no need to explain or apologize for being away from this blog This is the first I have responded to comments since December 8! And I have only scanned blogs for weeks. Hope to be more disciplined in the new year..
      What’s up with Carmela…I hope she is just moving away and not to the Rainbow Bridge. Sorry your hearing is still a problem. It is a bother to have chronic problems..this I know for a fact..
      Teddy and Jack are doing ok. Teddy is s l o w l y coming around to Jack as part of the family. Jack could care less what Teddy thinks.

    2. I tried sending a response from your New Years post but a glitch occurred. Was nice waking up to your comments and the thought of Teddy coming to my rescue. I can see him on a train with a little valise filled with catnip and his food and water bowls…maybe not in that order. Happy New Year to you, Teddy and Jack.

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