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The next thing…


Today’s words for Two Shoes Tuesday are
I chose Next

Sometimes we spend too much time looking for the next thing,
something new and different and exciting.
Sometimes what we have now is what we really need.


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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

20 thoughts on “The next thing…

  1. You know its so true and then other times I think I dont spend enough time thinking about whats next and rush in too bull in the china shop… its all a balance I guess.

    1. Life is about balance. If we don’t have any thought to the future then the lessons of the past are wasted. I tend to think and think and think then just do something. Usually, all is well but sometimes not so much..

  2. So true. Sometimes, we are exactly where we should be in life. Contentment is so important. When we can find happiness no matter our circumstances, we find true joy.

    1. Knowing that we are where we are meant to be is often a difficult thing to understand or accept. Yet, without accepting it even if not understanding the whys of life there can be no contentment and joy.

  3. What a beautiful, peaceful thought for the new year, Patricia! It seems we spend so much time in life chasing our tails and pounding our heads against the wall, and we seek excitement to fill up the voids we think exist. In reality, we can be so much happier if we find peace and contentment right where we are! The older I get the more I learn the value of that. Contentment is an inside job, not so much an external situation 🙂

    1. I was worried that this was a bit of a stretch in the use of the prompt, next. But I have been thinking about how much of life can be spent waiting for the next thing, person, success,…that we miss life entirely. I am glad you “got” it. Thank you.

  4. Tomorrow as you say is fruitless to yearn for. Sadly the memorable past is gone and there is no way back there either. The present is the gift we have.

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