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Gratitude, 1and 2 of 52…

I found this challenge at Pinsock’s Weblog
and it sounds like something I need to do.

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge


So, using the prompts each week I will share some of the good things here.
There are some things that I will share that seem not so good,
but they were in the end good
Because I missed lasts weeks prompt I am adding my bit this week.

#1 Why start this challenge

This is something I need to do because too often I just let gratitude slip by.
I have bunches to be grateful for, but I just take it as it comes and don’t say
anything about the good things in my life.

#2  Spouse/significant other

Well, I don’t have and never have had either.
I am grateful that it doesn’t bother me that I have always been an unmarried/single woman.
There was a time when my friends were getting married that I felt left out somehow.
I got over that when they started divorcing.
I am content with my life and that seems to be a rare thing in the world.
I am grateful.

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