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Teddy’s Magic Trick…

hi peoples! it’s me, teddy.
i have sneaked onto mama’s blog
because she won’t open mine and i have something to tell you.
this will show her who the smart one is.

i have this really neat toy
well, it’s jack’s toy, too.
it’s on a stick kinda furry like with feathers on the end.
really fun when mama swirls it around and up and down
though jack is a bother and gets in the way a lot.

before mama goes to work she puts the wiggler
in the drawer and hides it away.

so how did it from here


to here


without the drawer being opened?


it’s the mystery of teddy’s magic.


13 thoughts on “Teddy’s Magic Trick…

    1. It seems Jack is learning some of Teddy’s tricks. Now he can open cabinets and sliding closet doors. I had forgotten how busy young cats are.

  1. That is too funny, Teddy! I am always amazed at how very clever you felines can be, and manage to get into things that we humans think are secure. I have had those kind of magic tricks played here too! Maybe you have super-powers we don’t even know about! I hope you had fun with the feather stick once you managed to retrieve it, and that you let Jack join in the fun once in awhile! Toby’s favorite “toy” is a plastic fork, he will play fetch with it over and over and likes it even better than his fuzzy ball. He looks so funny when he carries it around in his mouth like a prize!

    1. Teddy has taught Jack how to get in the drawer. I watched them today. It was quite funny to see how they worked together to get the thing out of the drawer. How funny about Toby and the fork.

    1. Cats are interesting creatures. Each one is different. I think I will always have a cat or two. I would have a dog too, but it is really inconvenient when there is no yard.

  2. My cat Mollie can climb into drawers in one of our bureaus from the back. There is just enough space for her to wiggle in and out. Is that how you did it?

    1. I have been watching Teddy and Jack. They get under the armoire and get their paws into the drawer and pull the thing out that way. I will have to find a new place to stash it.

    1. Teddy is not crazy for the new toy, but Jack likes it. Jack loves to jump and run in circles. Teddy is more of fetch the ball cat…he never tires of that game. .

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