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52 Weeks of Gratitude

week 3



No family is perfect and mine was far from perfect
Yet, for all the craziness and dysfunction we were family.
I was not the easiest child, teen, young adult to put up with but,
no matter what, I knew the love of my parents and brothers.
I will always be thankful for my family.
Even though we did drive each other crazy most of the time.

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11 thoughts on “Family…

    1. There was a program on ETV that chronicled the life of a Meerkat family. It is quite fascinating how “human” they are. Whenever I think of family the Meerkats come to mind.

    1. Ho-hum sounds nice. There were “issues” at our house that made life unpleasant sometimes and I did my share. Even with the problems there was love that kept it all together. Could have been worse.

    1. If I was practicing I was unaware of it. Driving my family crazy was just something that happened. Interesting to look at as a sport, though.

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