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It’s puzzling…

Two Shoes Tuesday
prompt this week is


Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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15 thoughts on “It’s puzzling…

    1. I used to do lots of jigsaw puzzles but with two cats it’s hard to do one without losing pieces. They keep the puzzle of my life interesting though. .

  1. Sadly life is like that. We must decide early on that this life is our own to live and be in charge of it. It is a bumpy ride so hang on tight.

  2. I most definitely agree with you, especially this week which has been a bit challenging. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to keep things orderly and moving in the right direction life likes to throw a few kinks in the plan. But we end up creating a pretty nice picture after all, even if I might have a piece or two missing permanently! ;-). Your Haiku’s are awesome!

    1. Seems just when I think things are “orderly and moving in the right direction” mini chaos rears its head and makes a mess of my neat little life. I am grateful that it is mini chaos and not his big brother utter chaos. I am happy you like my humble Haiku attempts. I am new to the discipline and find it difficult to write more traditional Haiku…I think mine is more free form or contemporary. Still it is a fun challenge.

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