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good boy…

mama is getting ready for bed, a concept i don’t understand but something she does every night.  since she left the puter on i thought it would be a good time for me to say meow to my peoples.  and i have a picture for you  it’s from christmas time.


see me up there?

i was up there for a long time before mama saw me. i sat up there so still like i was one of the wood cats. she was surprised when she saw me and she laughed. i am a good boy when i get up on the armoire so mama lets me sit up there. i did pull off the flowers of the christmas cactus and that was not a good boy thing to do.  how was i to know they are just for show not to play with?

you know what the best part of being on the armoire is?  jack is afraid to jump up here.  he hates when i look down at him.  he meows so pitifully.  it’s really fun.


15 thoughts on “good boy…

  1. I love it when we hear from you Teddy, you share your Mama’s sense of humor! :-). I think you did an awesome job of playing statue up there! And it is very funny that your little brother can’t join you… yet! Toby learned about Christmas cactus flowers the same way you did, and Papa Bear wasn’t very happy with him about that! I am amazed at how high you cats can jump to get up on something and always land just perfectly, even on a very small landing pad! I wish I could do that! 🙂

    1. Teddy likes high places and Jack likes to stay closer to the floor. Jack is the clumsiest cat I have ever seen. It is probably a good thing he doesn’t jump up on things. I thought putting the cactus on the armoire would save it… I didn’t realize just how determined Teddy can be.

  2. So, Teddy was right. Hiding behind those wooden cats w.a.s. a good idea. Even mama didn’t see him. Cute. My daughter had a black cat who thought no-one could see him beneath the Christmas tree when he sat behind a basket done up with cellophane. How is it peoples think cats don’t think? ❤ ❤

    1. Cats do think! Sometimes it is scary. I can watch Teddy and see he is thinking. There are times he is plotting a Jack attack and other times he is thinking about where to take a nap. I like it when cats think they can’t be seen they look so proud of themselves,

      1. I k.n.ow.
        Can I tell you some news? I finally found my second baby yesterday. Lady G. keeps stalking him, but there have been no blow-up. They’ve touched nose-to-nose–several times. They ‘both’ shared my bed with me. No fighting. His name will be Dickens. Yes, as in Charles. ^^’

        1. Wonderful! Teddy is still a bit at odds with Jack and Jack is so over it. Two cats do take up some room in the bed. I wonder why I worry that I am disturbing them when I move around? They don’t think a thing of bothering me if I am in their way. Enjoy your catkids. Post some pictures.

          1. I feel the same way you do. I don’t like to disturb them but do they care if they disturb me.
            I just might post some pictures, don’t know when. Life’s been so hectic this year. The time just flies.

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