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Faithful abandon…

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“Faith is taking the first step even when
you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

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She laughedgirl-570832_640 when they told her how shocked they were at what she was about to do.  Yes, she had worked long and hard  achieving a status with the company few of them  would ever attain.  And yes, she was walking away from everything and everyone. Leaving it all  behind to take the first step to living her dream, the dream she had been  dreaming for  as long as she could remember.  Besides, she wasn’t really abandoning  everything…she was definitely keeping her faith.

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13 thoughts on “Faithful abandon…

  1. Oh how I love this one, Patricia! I have known a couple people who had the faith and courage to do that, and it worked well for both of them. If I had any conceivable way to make a living outside of my current desk job I would delightedly do the same! I know exactly how free she felt that, I felt that way on the day I left a job I’d been at for nineteen years that had become a heavy burden. The same can be said for my last marriage. :-). Sometimes we do have to “abandon ship” and take a leap of faith, believing that God will send us in the right direction. You wrote about this so well! You could also link up this story with Linda Kay at Senior Adventures at her new “short story based on an illustration” blog hop Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. Yours is much more positive in tone than the story I’ve written to share tomorrow!

    1. I can’t really say I have done this. I have taken little steps of faith…always with a parachute or life preserver on hand. I am going to check out Linda Kay’s hop for next week sounds like a good way to find inspiration. Usually, I find the picture after I write the story.

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