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Hello, I’m Jack…

Hello Everyone,

I think it is time I introduce myself,


My name is Jack.  I will tell you a little about myself.  Patricia is my mama.  She adopted me October 1, 2014.  I had wandered away from my home and got lost.  I was trying to find my way back home but just got more lost.  A lady saw me and put food and water out for me.  I was so grateful I went right up to her and purred my thanks.  She called shelters and the animal jail but no one had reported me missing.  She put signs on posts and trees in her neighborhood but nobody called.  She wanted to keep me but her crazy dog wouldn’t let her. So, she called her friend, Patricia, to see if she would take me.

You know that Patricia said yes and her friend, the nice lady, brought me here and now Patricia is my mama.  There is another cat here, Teddy.  I like him ok but he is not too happy to be sharing mama.  Once in a while we play chase or wrestle.  Most of the time Teddy just wants to fight.  Let me tell you I am getting tired of it!  Mama says eventually Teddy will figure out that I am here to stay and make the best of it.  I don’t know when eventually is but I hope it is soon.

As you can see I am a handsome young man. I am good-natured and intelligent.  Mama says I am something of a clown.  And I shed. I shed a lot!  The way Mama says it I guess that “shed a lot” is not one of my better traits.  But I don’t scratch anything other than the cat tree and the cardboard scratcher.  I know that is a very good thing because Mama always gets that funny cooing voice and tells me what a good boy I am.

That’s it for now.  Don’t believe everything Teddy says about me.  He is such a grouch!


15 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Jack…

  1. Jack, you are one handsome kitty ~ and a lucky one too. You have a wonderful new home where you will be loved and well cared for. I’ll bet you will eventually even have a BCFF in Teddy. He really is an ok guy. It’s hard learning to share.

  2. Although we had three cats when we rescued Morgan, Jake (the eldest) was not a happy camper. It took a good year until he came around and he still wamps her on the head once in a while. Of course, it’s only when she pesters him. Everyone else adjusted fast. You are a beautiful and LUCKY cat! You have the best home in the area.

    1. I am beautiful and lucky. I hope it doesn’t take Teddy a year to get warm. I may have to let him have a wallop. So far I have been nice.

  3. W . o . w ! Jack you are sooooooooo handsome. I’m glad Patricia is you mama. You will be well cared for. Teddy is used to being number one, but I’m sure he will soften toward you once he gets to know what a lovely fellow you are.<3 ❤ Hang in there. I'm sure it will all work out well in the end.

    One week ago, I brought a rescue cat friend home for my Lady G. They're working it out too. I have high hopes Lady G. will return Dickens's affection soon.

    1. Maybe if Teddy was a lady he wouldn’t mind so much. I think he thinks he is “the man” and doesn’t want another man sleeping with mama.

      1. 😀 😀 😀
        I hadn’t planned on getting a boy cat to complement my female.
        I’ve had Dickens two weeks yesterday and Lady G. gave his head a bath while he sat on my lap. That lasted 15 seconds. Then she went for his throat, but maybe it was a love bite, he didn’t fight back. I yelled her name and she let go. I was more worried than he. XD

  4. Wow Jack, you are so beautiful! Hope it’s okay to call you beautiful, since you are a boy cat. I am so thankful that you have your mama and a nice home and even Teddy! :). It might be kind of boring without him!

  5. Jack you are so very handsome! I am glad we finally got to meet you and that you’ve now got such a great mama and home! I believe that God helped you get to just the right place. I know Teddy can be a pain, but your mama is right, he will give up the territory wars at some point and accept that you are there to stay. He had your mama to himself for a long time, so he is adjusting to sharing! I understand the shedding thing, I have four long-haired cats and they all shed, we have a very furry house :-). I am so glad you are in a safe place and much-loved. You won the kitty lottery of great homes!

    1. Thank you. Teddy is coming around. Sort of. At least he isn’t latching onto my neck so often. I don’t understand the big deal about shedding. It is certainly more efficient than all the stuff people do to keep themselves looking good.

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