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My sewing basket…

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
Week #5
Something Someone Gave You


This sewing basket was given to me many years ago.
I can’t remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday.
It is one of my favorite gifts.  I love practical gifts that are useful.
Before I received this I used an old cookie tin to hold my sewing notions
The tin was fine except it was a bit small, hard to open, and ugly.

So, now I have a sewing basket that is a good size, easy to open, and pretty,
I am thankful for the gift and very thankful for the friendship
of the person who gave it to me.
Every time I see the basket or take it out to use it I think of her
and her thoughtfulness and how much she means to me.

3 thoughts on “My sewing basket…

  1. I agree with you. This is an attractive and useful gift. I don’t like gifts I can’t appreciate because they are not useful to me n.o.w. At this stage of life, who needs more dust collectors we don’t like. You have a smart and thoughtful friend. ❤

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