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Thank your mail person…

mailTwo things I bet you didn’t know:

#1 Today is thank a
mailman/woman day.

#2 February is Sweet Potato Month.

                       So, I was thinking that you could give your mailman/woman a sweet potato pie or a sweet potato muffin, or a sweet potato plant, or maybe just a sweet potato or two.  I am sure he/she would love it and it is a very healthy gift.  We do want our mail people to stay healthy as they go about their routes whatever the weather.  We wouldn’t want to miss our entry to Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes or heaven forbid the notice that we may be the winner if we have the winning number.

       I didn’t give my mailman anything, but I did think of him today…I was expecting a disc from Netflix. If I had given him something I think it would have been a card. A card with a sweet potato on it.  I know he would have loved it.  I will try to remember next year.  And since I am a bit late with this reminder for you just say thanks when you see your guy/gal and tell him/her next year he/she will get something with a sweet potato in it or on it. You know it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

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5 thoughts on “Thank your mail person…

  1. Really, sweet potato month? Thanks for joining in and sharing your story. Our mail person puts all the mail for our subdivision in mail boxes several blocks away, and the timing is not always the same, so we don’t see her very often. Hard to remember all these things!

    1. To remember all the special days we would need bigger calendars. How often do you pick up your mail? I wouldn’t do it very often if I had to go several blocks. I am glad sweet potatoes have a whole month and not just a day. I love them sweet taters.

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