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it’s soooo good…

hi my peoples!

look at what mama brought me


it’s a ba-nip-ana

it’s mine all mine
but i have to let jack play with it sometimes
or mama will take it away.
if we can’t share our toys then nobody gets to play with them.
that’s a new rule around here. dog it.


oh it smells soooooo good


meowzers!    cat outta control!


sorry bout that
i don’t often lose control like that
but the banipana is just too good
so good it’s hard to maintain
my usual dignity and gentle demeanor.


14 thoughts on “it’s soooo good…

  1. Teddy, you surely do like this banipana. I wonder what’s inside. Catnip is my guess. Is there something else?
    I have two kitties and like to buy toys for them as well, especially if they are interesting ones. ❤

      1. I’ll be on the lookout for one of these. I usually sprinkle a handful on the carpet beneath the cat tree and the kitties act silly rolling around in it.
        You grow some? Indoors or outdoors?

        1. I grow it outside. A small plant will grow to bushel basket size. Needs sun and some protection in winter. Not sure if it will winter over where you live.

          1. Yes, it does somehow. I had some at the bottom of my garden at another house years ago. I saw cats rolling around, acting funny. I mentioned it to a friend and she straightened me out.
            No, I’m not going to grow private stock for my two. 😀 😀 😀

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