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Fear, courage and me…

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In Other Words
“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”
Dorothy Bernard
Two Shoes Tuesday
You or I


I don’t know about you, but I have dealt with a lot of fear in my life.
Some real fears and some imagined.
Often imagined fear, the what if’s, is worse than real fear.

Anxiety is the “what if” imagined kind of fear.
I used to deal with it all the time.
Not a day went by that I wasn’t afraid of what might or could happen.
There were times I couldn’t leave my apartment.
There were panic attacks.

I knew about the power of prayer from my gramma, but I wasn’t convinced.
I thought maybe it was a coincidence when prayers were answered.
Then I gave it a shot. At that point, I figured I had nothing to lose.
At first my prayers were tentative. I was afraid to pray. “What if” it didn’t work?
Then I bargained.  I will do this or that if my fear will be taken away.
Finally, my prayers became less about how to not be afraid to how to have courage.

 I learned prayers are answered.
Maybe not instantaneously or the way I want them answered but
they are answered in the way that brings the greatest blessing.

Have I conquered fear?
No, but it doesn’t overwhelm and imprison me like it once did.
Fear and anxiety are not everyday occurrences anymore.
There are times it threatens and times it takes over but I have learned to pray
for the courage I need to face those real and imagined fears.
Now I know prayers are answered and it is not coincidence.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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15 thoughts on “Fear, courage and me…

  1. I suppose the beauty of prayer is admitting you are not alone and demonstrates your need for help or to give thanks. No, prayers are not answered straight away and often not how we expected but the insight to find an answer is often the response.

  2. Perfect picture of the fear on that cat’s face. I am a believer in the power of prayer. It came up for discussion recently, as we were thinking about a friend who suffered a major stroke and her progress in recovery.

    1. I do love cats. They show up on almost every post. Teddy and Jack, my catkids, even have a day of their own now, Saturday.
      Once you get past the naysayers and doubts of prayer it is awesome what happens..

  3. Awesome Patricia! That “what if “thing is so crippling ….its right up there with “yeah but.”I came over because I remembered (finally) that you started a hop…. im gonna work on joining in. I really like the concept.

    1. What if, yeah but, and let’s add if only. Such little phrases that we give such power to.
      I do hope you join in the hop. There is a new quote each Wednesday, I think it will be fun and interesting once it gets going.

    1. You are so right. There are times when nothing seems right but if I take a few minutes to have a word with you know Who things turn around.

  4. This was beautiful, I add a resounding AMEN! I too have come over many difficult years to believe unquestionably in the power of prayer. Prayer works… just in the way you say it does, not always as we ask or expect, but in the way we most need. Like you, I have learned to pray not so much for what I want or need, but for the strength, courage, and wisdom to find the right way. I pray for others too, and am blessed because they pray for me. Anxiety is a crippler, I know that too well. You and I are living proof that it doesn’t have to overwhelm us or confine us to tiny, boxed-in lives. I have to smile at how many of my anxieties turn out to be based on nothing but fear. The reality is almost always more gentle than what we imagine. Thank you for sharing this piece of your life story with us, Patricia, it upholds our faith!

    1. Anxiety is the fear of something that has not happened. And it is evil! It took me years to get where I am and it takes vigilance, not to slip back into old ways of thinking and feeling. As hard as reality can be at times it never matches my imagination.

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