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going in for a nap…

IMAG0475hey jack,  mama left the door open.  it’s where she keeps her sweaters.  i love her sweaters.  they are great nap spots.  only problem is she doesn’t like it when i sleep on her clothes. something about fur. not sure what’s wrong with fur but she gets cranky when it is anywhere but on a cat’s body. listen up, jack.  you be my watchcat and let me know if mama comes around the corner.

i feel a nap coming on. you stay over there where you are and keep your eyes open and ears on the alert.  you even think you hear mama coming you let me know. i’m counting on you.


okay. i’m going in for a nap now…


16 thoughts on “going in for a nap…

  1. Wow! I am so impressed at the cooperative team effort of Teddy and Jack ~ of course Teddy is still the only one that gets to sleep on the sweaters! Have a good nap sweet Teddy!

  2. Morgan loves sweaters too. She says they are so soft. Sometimes she will pull them off the shelf and drag them next to her litter box. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

    1. No way would Teddy drag the sweaters to the litter box. These cats are stinky poopers and they don’t stay anywhere near the box unless they are using it. Jack does take the afghan and pulls it under the bed so he has a cozy spot to sleep.

      1. That is typical for cats. The upstairs litter box is in a “cat room” where Morgan was isolated in initially. There is an upholstered chair in there that she would sleep on. I always thought she might be dragging it there. Once in a while she will still sleep on the chair. The basement litter boxes get most of the real stinky stuff. The cats have seemed to make a pact about that. Upstairs is for number 1!

  3. That sounds like a lovely place to nap.Hope you don’t get caught. ❤
    I like when my human takes the flannel sheets out of the dryer and throws them on the bed. I curl up on them right away. She doesn't pester me anymore about fur on them. Too delicious. Have you tried warm sheets?

    1. Teddy can’t sleep on warm sheets because the laundry is on the first floor and I fold everything before I bring it upstairs. And when I do get upstairs it all gets put away right away. But both cats sleep on the bed and Teddy likes to sleep under the covers so there are furry sheets here anyway.

      1. I fold and put away everything but the sheets. These are my favorites in winter. I throw them on the bed while I put away all the folded laundry. Lady G. can be asleep but as soon as I come out of the laundry-room loaded down with everything, she races me to the bedroom. 🙂
        My cats burrow beneath the comforter as well. Oh, the life of a cat! o_O

          1. I just had my new kitty on med and the first two days he crawled beneath my comforter to sleep two afternoon. He hadn’t done that before and didn’t do it after he second day.
            Different personalities, you boys. ❤

  4. How well I know about sweet napping spots, Teddy! My fur kids will climb up on my big soft bed and head straight for any clean clothes I might have waiting there, or the shirt I just took off. Somehow it is apparently so much more comfy on your Mama’s sweaters, and I suspect she will still smile if she finds you napping there, even if she grumbles a bit about them being furry. Most of the clothes and furniture at my house are a bit furry too! I loved these photos, and I hope that Jack proved a good look-out! I’m not sure you are setting the best example for him though! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean, Josie. I could cover a good size cat with the hair I mop up and vacuum. Sometimes I think I have the fur off my clothes then I get to work and there is cat hair all over me. I have learned to keep a lint roller with me.

  5. It was just too tempting for Teddy! We are babysitting a cat named Baby and he is great at opening closets and cupboard doors! I even caught him opening the fridge when it wasn’t closed tightly. Maybe he was going in for a snack before his nap! :).

    1. Sounds like you have to stay alert with Baby around. Cats are clever. Teddy and Jack can open cupboards but only open the one where their food is kept. The others don’t interest them. My brother had a cat that could open the microwave and that is where he napped.

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