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Three people who made a difference…

I am joining Esther and Jacob at Local Adventurer in their
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
this week’s prompt is
Express Gratitude to 3 People

I am grateful for three people who made a difference in my life
by caring enough to listen and hear me and help me find answers.

My third grade teacher for sharing her love of books and reading which led to my love of books and reading.  Every afternoon she would turn off the classroom lights and we would put our heads down on our desks and she would read to us for around 15 minutes.  She read the most wonderful stories.  I wanted the stories to go on and on, but we only had that 15 minutes.  When I told her I wanted to hear more she said not to worry because I was learning to read and I would read lots of stories myself whenever I wanted. I am so thankful to Mrs.C for giving time to a little girl was looking for an answer.

Dr. S.  For 30 years, I had gone to doctors trying find an answer to what was happening to my body.  They would do the same tests over and over and shake their heads and tell me I was a hyper person with high anxieties and if I would learn to calm down and relax the problems would go away.  Then I met Dr.S.  He listened to me and asked questions that I had never been asked before.  Then he said I didn’t seem to be a hyper person and he could understand my anxiety because of what I was experiencing physically. There were three relatively simple tests that would give him the info he needed to determine a course of action. The tests were done showing surgery was needed.  He did the surgery and in a couple of months, though not completely gone, the problems are controllable. The most amazing thing was that Dr. S apologized for all the doctors that didn’t listen or take me seriously.  I am thankful for Dr. S for giving me his time and attention and care.

My friend E.  For her patience and prayers and encouragement and love.  She spent time with me, listened to and answered questions, and walked with me as I was finding my way after being lost for so long. She taught me what being a friend is by being a friend.  She taught by example what a life of faith looks like.  I will always be thankful for E’s being a part of my life.

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9 thoughts on “Three people who made a difference…

  1. I’m so happy that you’re participating in the 52 weeks of gratitude. 🙂 i actually have a math teacher i remember from grade school that really cared for each and every one of his students and made sure none of us felt left out. i was pretty quiet, but he would try to get me to come out of my shell. i still am really grateful for the lessons he’s taught me (the non-math ones at least haha).

    1. Thank you for the prompts! Teacher can be wonderful and they can be awful but most are ok. When we have a wonderful teacher we are truly blessed.

    1. He will always have a special place in my heart. Sad that the problem wasn’t properly diagnosed for so long and there is permanent damage. Still life is good.

      1. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, Patricia. {{{ ❤ }}}
        I'm in the middle of a book titled, Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan and misdiagnosis. It takes just one special person to ask the right questions.

        1. I think he was the first doctor to listen for more than 5 minutes and decide I was off my rocker. I wrote the book title down. I am going to get next trip to the library.

    1. That is a beautiful thing to do. There are many many peeps I am grateful for. When I was getting ready to write this it was hard to decide on three.

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