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Enough and more…

52 Weeks of Gratitude
week 9


I have enough of everything I need and more.
But once again, I have been beset with the wants.
I want this and I want that.
Whatever I have is not what I want or I want more.
It’s old, or I’m tired of it. I want something new and different.
Doesn’t have to be all that different.  I just want to buy something new.

When this happens I really have to sit myself down and have a serious talk.
Who says I should have everything I want?
If I had it all would I be happier?
I doubt I’d be happier or even as happy as I am.
Having everything could be having too much.
I really don’t need all I have.
I’m very glad I have it, but I don’t need it all.

I am grateful that I have enough of everything I need.
I am blessed to have more than enough.

This week’s prompt for 52 Weeks of Gratitude was
How did you do and feel?
referring back to lasts weeks prompt,
Express Gratitude to 3 People.

I have chosen to write this post instead because
my wanting more and more for myself, the greediness of it,
and the ingratitude for what I do have has been heavy on my heart.
Selfishness is bad.  Thankfulness is good.

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7 thoughts on “Enough and more…

  1. Patricia, I’m with you on the “want” vs “need”. My mother used to always ask me that question…do you really need it or just want it? It is really important to sit back and think about that when we get carried away with our wants and just driving forward..

    1. When we get carried away with wants we really aren’t content. It is foolish to let this happen. It can be a struggle though.

  2. Gratitude. Thanks Patricia. I don’t often think how grateful I am for what I have. I don’t need anything anymore than what I have. I do WANT more books though I can’t keep up with reading them as fast or as often as I bring them home. 😦

    1. There are lots and lots of things I want. I keep thinking the silly wants will go away. It is rather childish to always want more.

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