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Mind forgotten…

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In Other Words
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“I do know my own mind. The trouble is my mind changes and then
I have to get acquainted with it all over again.”
Lucy Maud Montgomery


Five Sentence Fiction
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old woman

Over the years, her mind has changed from quick and bright to slow and foggy.  Somehow the connection     between her mind and her life has been lost.  There was a time when she knew her own mind.  These days she needs to be reminded of the simplest things.  Now she sits in her chair puzzled and wondering how can it be she has forgotten who she is.

Image: morguefile

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13 thoughts on “Mind forgotten…

  1. The loss of memory is the saddest of things, not only for the one who dwells in a state of confusion, but also for those who care that must stand by and have their hearts torn out as their loved one slips away. I keep praying that we will find a medical miracle to stop Alzheimer and other forms of dementia in their tracks, so that good memories can be savored and shared until the very end! A poignant piece, Patricia, perfect response to the quote.

    1. I agree this is a terrible disease. With longer life spans, dementia seems more prevalent. And with Alzheimers it seems early onset is happening more. So sad and frightening.

    1. Alzheimers and dementia must be so frightening to those experiencing it. It is hard for those who care for them, but I can not imagine the agony of living it.

  2. A story some can relate. So true. Sad when such things happen.
    Alzheimer’s… They won’t even realize that they have ‘forgotten’…
    Nicely expressed, Patricia.

    1. Thank you, Anita. It is sad and probably the saddest and most frightening part is when they are aware they are losing touch with the world.

  3. So distasteful and cruel for one’s essence to evaporate away. I can assure you that God and me will have a very intense “discussion” on this and other similar matters when the time comes. And this is not fiction.

    1. You are right it is distasteful and cruel but it is not what God intended for His children. I can think of a few things I want to talk to Him about and do. But I wonder if once in heaven those things will come to mind. The story is fiction based on true stories. 😦

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