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Popcorn for Teddy…

hi my peoples!

i love popcorn.
mostly i like to play with it.
but first i lick all the salt and butter off
then it’s great for batting around.

teddypopcorndo you think mama will share her popcorn with me?
do I look pathetic cute enough?
yeah, i thinks so too


19 thoughts on “Popcorn for Teddy…

    1. i do have to be careful ms kate. mama won’t give me any if i put my paw in the bowl she will shoo me away. pf course, when she does that i always come back and try again.

  1. Oh Teddy. You look mighty handsome. Thanks for sharing your picture. I like to play with popcorn too but it’s never had butter or salt on it. That sounds great. You think you can get your mama to send my people the recipe? ❤

    1. mama doesn’t have a recipe she just puts the bag in the microwave. tell your people to get some next time they go to the grocery store. popcorn is so much better when you smack it around a bit before you eat it.

      1. My people caught me playing with a corn kernel one time and I thought she’d have a massive heart attack. =^.^= I was just playing. I like the popped corn better though.

  2. What a cute photo and post!! I love popcorn – oh yes I do. Teddy certainly looks focused, (smile).
    Have fun this weekend!!

  3. Teddy, your mama couldn’t possibly turn you down for popcorn. She can’t possibly eat all that anyway. Oh yeah, if you have any left over could you send it my way?

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