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In other words it is normal…


Anyone who has visited here more than a couple of times
knows I have two cats.



And I imagine everyone knows I talk to them.
Like all the time.
I think I am a normal mama of catkids.
When I awake I say good morning and ask about their night
and if they have any plans for the day.
When I leave home I say good-bye and tell them to be good.
When I come back I tell them about my day and who I saw and where I went.
I tell them my troubles and my triumphs.
When I go to bed I say good night and ask them not to play on the bed.
They listen and sometimes respond with meows of many kinds and purrs.

I listen to them and sometimes understand what they have to say.
Not often but sometimes.
Cat speak is a difficult language to learn but, I am trying.
More often than not they look at me with pity,
give me a gentle swat, and go off to take a nap.
I think this is normal for catkids of a mama who is a people.

I am posting this as part of
In Other Words prompt
“Lots of people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.”
Benjamin Hoff

and Two Shoes Tuesday prompt

Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

22 thoughts on “In other words it is normal…

  1. No matter what anyone says it’s ok to talk to your catkids😉. A couple years ago I stopped on the side of a road to look at a house and a group of cattle came running toward me mooing at me. They were mooing at me directly but I didn’t understand what they were saying. Within a few moments several more cattle came running toward me and did the same thing. I clearly understand.

      1. I couldn’t get an understanding of what they were saying but it seemed to be the same urgency from both sets. I was totally shocked because I never had that happen before. I would toss what happened in my mind for a while then I forgot about it until read your blog.

  2. Patricia this was an awesome “tail” for both prompts, and I believe with all my heart that you are such an awesome cat mama that Teddy and Jack would be unwilling to trade you for any other, even for a feline mama that might speak their dialect clearly. Our cats love to be near us and interact with us, they greet us when we return, and follow us around the house, and they do indeed respond to what we say, sometimes with their own voices, and sometimes with a rolling of eyes or a shake of the head that seems to mean they understand but have little intention of heeding what we say! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Josie! I don’t know about Jack, but Teddy would be miserable if he had to adapt to another home and mama. He does not care much for people and is very timid. It is always wonderful to be greeted by the catkids. They definitely make this condo a home.

  3. I’d love to hear those conversations with Teddy and Jack. Shady and I talked a lot, but he listened better than I did. I talked better than he did. He spoke with his eyes and his tail and his purr. A tail thump was a serious complaint. A purr was a vote in my favor.

    1. I know about those tail thumps! Gotta watch it when that starts especially with Teddy. Do you talk to the dog? Dogs seem to think people are more interesting and smarter than cats do.

      1. We talk to Chelsea a lot. She seems to understand and then exercises her peri gators to disagree. She is not big on obedience unless she sees something in it for her. We love her anyway.

  4. Delightful writing of the relationship with a cat. My daughter’s boyfriend and his cat have been staying with us for about a month. Of course, the cat is part of the family. She’s very shy though. I talk to the air in the room where she hides under the bed. Pets are family members and talking to them is quite normal.

    1. The furry family members are important. I would not like being without a furry kid or two. Your guest’s cat probably explores while everyone is asleep. Teddy did that for a couple of weeks when I first got him. Then one morning I woke up and there he was sleeping next to me!

  5. This sound normal to me too although I have had more dogs than cats in my life. Luckily my last dog many years ago thought of me as just another dog friend who would happily explore woods and streams but thought I was a bit cat like when he jumped in the river but I didn’t!

    1. Dogs tend to worship their owners but cats not so much. If I lived where there was a yard I would have a dog. But living on the ninth floor sort of makes it difficult.

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