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A little girl’s thoughts…

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When I was a little girl my biggest wish was to be a grown-up.
After all, grown-ups were tall and could reach whatever they wanted.
And they could have whatever they wanted without asking anyone.
Grown-ups didn’t have to take a nap and they could stay up late.
They went wherever they wanted when they wanted.
And they could go places by themselves and never had a babysitter.
Plus, they didn’t have to go where they didn’t want to.
When they were hungry they ate when they weren’t they didn’t.
They always had money in their pockets to buy what they wanted.
They could get mad and yell and not be sent to their room.
The only downside I could see was they didn’t have teddy bears.

When I was a little girl I was wrong about being a grown-up.
Except about not having a teddy bear.
I’m a grown-up now and still have my Guy.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

10 thoughts on “A little girl’s thoughts…

  1. Really sweet! So true!
    I felt the same, & now my daughter does too!
    But, when we are grown-up, we know what’s true! 🙂

    1. Some things never change. Though children seem to grow up faster now they still want to grow up too fast thinking adults have the best of worlds.

  2. Patricia, that was delightful, and such a sweet picture. Time flies by so quickly now, but I remember when it seemed to take forever to get to the next stage of life.

    1. I have two. One I am not too attached to and one that I have had since the day I was born that I am very attached to…he will be buried with me.

  3. Oh I love this, Patricia! It is so true that our childhood fantasies of adulthood don’t play out well at all. It seemed so glamorous and appealing, and now that we are older we think back on the simplicity and ease of those childhood days with fondness and longing. I have a collection of stuffed critters, most of which I’ve acquired as an adult, who says that we can’t still have such furry friends?! One thing I do like about adulthood… deciding things like what to eat, what to wear, what colors to paint the walls, and how many pets/what kinds to have! :-). I’m sure Teddy wishes that there was a one-cat limit for adults, Sophie probably wishes the same. 🙂

    1. I still have my Guy, the teddy bear my grandfather gave me the day I was born. He is in a shoebox in my closet…the bear not my grandfather. He is falling apart and has very little fur left. But I will never toss him. He is going to be buried with me.
      As far as things to like about being an adult: I eat what I want but probably shouldn’t, my time and budget decide on how many pets. But I do paint the walls whatever color I want sorta…I want a dark brown room but just can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. This is so sweet. Remembering when I realized being an adult wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. When I was little I thought adults had all the power. Now I realize the power that kids had over adults. The grass is always greener. . . .

    1. We all want to grow up then when we do we learn it isn’t what we thought. Some of it is great but for the most part it just…is.

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