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A Fairy Tale…

A Fairy Tale

girl-157533_640 (1)In the Realm of Reality, Babe and Hunk, each dreamed of finding that perfect someone to marry and live happily ever after.  They both had their share of relationships that they ended because they were unwilling to settle for someone who was less than perfect.  When they met passion engulfed them and they were blinded by love and they married in less than a year and moved away from the Realm of Reality. Of course, they knew their own faults and frailties, but could see none in the other.  Blissfully unaware of the imperfections of the other, Babe and Hunk lived happily ever after in the Land of Lala.

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                                  “All have their frailties and whoever looks for a friend
                                    without imperfections will never find what he seeks.”
                                                                            Cyrus the Great

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15 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale…

  1. If only life worked out like this! Too often people place their new partner on a pedestal and think they are perfect, then when they start spending all their time together they realize the perfection is an illusion and the other person has flaws just like they do. Sometimes they can make that work comfortably, other times they just can’t live with their shattered illusions, and go off seeking once again the perfect person. I believe that we can find people who are good match ups to us, but they’re never going to be perfect or meet all of our needs. That’s why we need a few friends too!

    1. I think you can be happy with just friends but if you have a lover you better have friends, too. Otherwise, you may be in love but you won’t be as happy as you could be. You have great insights, Josie, thanks for sharing.

        1. Good to know your health is improving and you are able to get some writing done. I sneak in at your blog…always enjoy your thoughts.

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