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A multitude of new leaves…

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This is a photo of the catnip I grow for the boys.
It winters over nicely and now with warm weather
it is growing fast and full with a
of new leaves.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

16 thoughts on “A multitude of new leaves…

  1. It’s a gorgeous plant, but I think if plant it, I’ll have a multitude of cats. (smile)

    1. Yes you will. It smells wonderful and some cats can’t resist it while others ignore it. Apparently there is a gene some cats carry and others don’t that determines whether they respond to it or not.

    1. It is really easy to grow and so much better than the awful dried brown stuff they sell in stores. In warm places like where I live it stays green all year in cold climes it dies back to return in Spring.

    1. I think homegrown is much better than the dried stuff that can be bought. It smells good and has oil in the leaves. I dry some and it’s a pretty green and sweet smelling not like that brown stuff they sell.

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