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I am not listening…

notlisteningI can hear Mama talking, but I am not listening!  She has ignored me and Teddy all weekend.  She says it’s because she was busy helping get the Fitness Center ready so the homeowners can see it tomorrow night.  How can she be so busy with a fitness center when she hasn’t seen fit to play with us.  Oh sure she has fed us and said hello and good-bye but no quality time loving on us. And now this, our Saturday post is being posted on Sunday. What’s with that?!  I think when I am done with not listening we are going to have a chat about priorities. jack

13 thoughts on “I am not listening…

  1. OMG! Reminds me of a cat I used to have. She would punish me when I was away to long by giving me her back and hollering. She would follow me around and then plop down facing the other way. Hang in there kitties, hugs are on the way.

  2. Don’t worry, Jack. You’re not alone. Why don’t you and Teddy spend a little time together when Mama is busy. I know his nose is probably still out of joint since your appearance on the scene, but if you put in a little extra effort, I’m sure you will become best buds. Think of it this way: to get attention you can join forces and trip Mama so she’ll have to take a moment for cuddles. ❤ ❤

  3. Oh Jack, I bet your Mama misses her snuggle time with you just as much as you miss her. It’s sounds like she’s working on a very special project and I just know that when she’s through she will make it up to you. I would campaign for extra treats and cuddles! I’m pretty sure she can tell by the way you have your back turned that you aren’t too happy with her at the moment, that’s how my furkids let me know too! I promise it will all be better soon. XOXO

    1. Mama has been too busy too often. Time for her to get busy being Mama! We are trying for treats but Mama keeps saying something about watching our weight. But who wants to cuddle with a bag a bones?

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