A to Z Challenge 2015 · Crewelwork · Letter C


The A to Z Challenge letter today is
C4PI like to do needlework.
One of the things I like to do is crewelwork.
This is a type of embroidery that is done with crewel yarn
on linen or cotton fabric.
The basic stitches are simple and when combined
can make complicated designs.
Typically crewelwork is floral or traditional looking,
but there are many whimsical designs available in kits..

One of the pieces I did for my mother was Mortimer Bird.
She was depressed and very unhappy and I thought seeing Mortimer
in the mornings would help her begin her day with a smile.
MortimerIt worked.
Now he hangs in my kitchen and I smile every morning when I see him.
Really, who wouldn’t smile seeing Mortimer Bird?

And today I
Celebrate The Small Things

Having lunch and visiting with a friend. Lots to talk about and a few laughs.
Seeing another friend I haven’t seen in years. A nice surprise in the grocery store.


18 thoughts on “C=crewelwork…

  1. I LOVE Mortimer Bird! I’m sure he put a smile on your mother’s face – he sure put a smile on mine. It’s SO great to visit with friends, catch up, and take time to enjoy life. Even grocery shopping can be fun if you keep your eyes open for a nice surprise. Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for remembering Celebrate even in the thick of the A-Z. Good luck!

    1. Mortimer is a smile making silly bird. He is one of my favorites. Are you doing A to Z? I am visiting as I can but will never get to everyone.

  2. This is just the cutest! I’ve done some crewel work years ago, I loved how the textures created really made the pieces interesting! I once made a little “I think I can… I think I can” train from embroidery for my Mom who was struggling. I was happy to see she still had it hanging on the wall when I returned home for her funeral years later.

    1. I think things we make are very special. I try to make something for everyone at Christmas. I usually start planning in July. I learned to embroider as a little girl and enjoyed crewelwork a lot. I need to get a kit and do something again.

    1. Crewework is not difficult. It is just embroidery done with yarn instead of floss and like embroidery the design can be simple or complicated. There are kits for beginners and for experts.

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