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Hi, my Peoples.
Mama is taking part in the
A to Z Challenge
and she said I could tell you about today’s letter.
D4PMama went for a walk and took a picture of what she saw.
dogwood2The streets are lined with Dogwood trees showing off.
They have pretty delicate white flowers
Sometimes they are pink but most of the ones she saw today were white.
dogwoodMama says Dogwoods are a sure sign winter is gone and spring is here.

See you in a couple of weeks it’s Jacks turn to write next week.

6 thoughts on “D=dogwood…

  1. I do so look forward to your Saturday posts, Teddy, and Jack’s too! I think your Mama loves you a lot to let you borrow her blogging spot each week! Those dogwood trees are sooo beautiful! I wish we had more blooming trees here in West Texas, but we have had enough rain this Spring so that everything that is growing (mostly weeds) has my allergies all stirred up. It is worth it though, I love Spring!

  2. Thank you Teddy. You did a good job telling the peoples about the dogwoods. It is still trying to be winter in my neighborhood. The snow is still melting, there are no buds or flowers yet. We keep hoping it will look as pretty as where your Mom walked soon!

    1. Teddy is not fond of cold and wet. He is very happy, as am I, that spring has sprung in our part of the world. Growing up in the northeast I knew some snowy Marches. Don’t miss them.

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