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Fantasy and entrances…

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chapel-673934_640In the fantasy the doors opened wide and she made a grand entrance walking down the aisle to her handsome Prince Charming.  The reality was she and her not so handsome but very charming Prince were young fools running off to  the Justice of the Peace.  She didn’t have a beautiful white dress, bouquet of roses, diamonds, cake and champagne just a simple dress, a carnation corsage, a gold band, cookies and some wine. No big party with lots of guests and gifts just her and the Prince, the Justice and his wife. But the reality of fifty years of happily ever after far surpassed the fantasy of a silly young girl and her Prince Charming.

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7 thoughts on “Fantasy and entrances…

  1. I loved this romantic tale with a good bit of wisdom stirred in! When we are young and madly in love, everything appears magical and beautiful, and I’m certain for this young girl her wedding day was a special as any ten-thousand dollar affair. The truth of what tied them together is shown in the enduring love that maintained their marriage for a life time. Papa Bear and I opted to do a quiet wedding at a B&B with just the minister and the owners as witnesses. It was intimate and very special, and we remember it fondly. I purport that so often with lavish affairs that cost great expense, there is so much stress to both the couple and the families that I’m not sure if it is truly the stuff of fairytale or more of a grand show for the audience. I think this couple got it just right!

    1. Weddings do tend to be big showy affairs. I think it’s sad to spend so much going into debt for a party. When I worked in a bridal shop I was amazed at the cost of weddings. I tend to like small gatherings and if I had married it would have been a small party. Glad you liked the story.

  2. Yes. I agree. The real love of the relationship is the package, not the wrappings. If it can hold up to the wear and tear of the years, and weather the storms of life: that is what is important. The trimmings, the packaging, that doesn’t matter. Bill and I married at the court house, in blue jeans, 34 years ago. We eloped…and never regretted doing it that way. You do love stories very well.

    1. Thanks, Annie. I like love stories especially ones that aren’t all fantasy. Having worked in a bridal shop I can say most young woman and many older women want the bells and whistles. I would rather have a down payment on a house.

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