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F =final flowers

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These are Gladiolus flowers and they are beautiful
EV125-21Every funeral home, memorial service, and cemetery
I have ever been to has had at least one spray of Gladiolus.
I have come to think of them as
funeral flowers
final flowers.

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17 thoughts on “F =final flowers

  1. Yes, they shout funeral to me, too, but my mother-in-law always had a row of them beside the garden path. Sort of on pretty sentry duty 🙂

    1. It is wonderful to see them growing in a garden or along a fence. I didn’t mean for the post to say I don’t like Glads. I do, but I see them at funerals most often.

  2. Wow, Patricia. I grow gladiolus and never thing of them as funeral flowers. I love their tall stalks and multiple blooms. They are a beautiful in vases around the yard. Very interesting thoughts on final flowers.

    1. When I wrote this I wasn’t dissing Glads. I think they are gorgeous flowers that always seem to be at funerals and rarely at birthday parties or bridal/baby showers. Maybe I have been to too many funerals and not enough parties?

  3. You are so right about them always being present on such occasions, and now every time I see gladiolus anywhere that is what will come to mind, yet I suppose if we must have final flowers, they should be beautiful and stately ones such as these!

  4. This is an apt and concise post.

    In my country, the ‘final flowers’ are usually white chrysanthemums.

      1. You ARE welcome. Now, back to bed. Tell Jack to Teddy it’s time to keep Mommy warm. Don’t forget to keeps lots of liquids by your bed.
        Do your boys walk you to the washroom in the middle of the night and then back to bed?

        1. I spend so much time up and down they just wait on the bed for me to come back. Teddy does get a bit ugly about the coughing but he gets over it before I finish coughing.

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