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J=Jack and jive…

The A to Z Challenge
letter today is
j4pI get to do the post today because it’s
catkid’s day, our day to post what we want, and because
IMAG0396well, because my name is Jack.

I am a good kitty,
I don’t get into trouble.
I don’t bring bugs inside and I don’t eat the plants.
I jump on bugs so Teddy knows where they are, but he brings them in to play to with.
I do bite and jiggle the plant leaves, pointing out the good tasting ones
to Teddy then he goes and pulls them off and eat them
I don’t jump on the screen and make big holes..
I make little holes that Teddy picks at making them bigger.
I don’t start fights I just like to joke with Teddy.
It’s his problem that he can’t take a joke and gets mad.
Any trouble that happens around here is because
Teddy just doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.

That’s my story.
The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Except for that parts that are just jive.

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      1. Dickens likes his new home as well, but he messes with Lady Gaga when she’s sleeping and ticks her off. She in turn instigates hide-and-seek games. For the most part they seem to get along. ❤

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