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P=punching bag


Hi my Peoples.

Today is my turn to post the A to Z Challenge.
Today’s letter isp4pAs in Patricia.
That’s my mama’s name.

I am going to tell you something about Mama that will surprise you.
It surprised me that’s for sure.
She is pretty easy going for a people.
She rarely gets mad and when she does it’s not too bad and doesn’t last long.
But she has a hidden side.
Yes, she does.
So hidden I had no clue about it.

She and her friend David went to the sport’s store to buy
equipment for the Fitness Center here where we live.
You know stuff like weights and a big ball and benches.

Well, while they were there Mama saw this
bagIt’s a punching bag!
She loved it and she wants one.
David told they couldn’t get one for the Fitness Center.
Now she is trying to figure out where she can put one in the apartment.
Who knew?!

9 thoughts on “P=punching bag

    1. If I could just find a place for it. It was wonderful punching the bag in the store. I think some folks found it quite amusing to watch.

  1. I once spotted a guy who took a punching bag out to practice in the forest. I wondered what he was doing out there, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. I just had never seen anyone use a punching bag on a tree out in the forest before.

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