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Traces of the Past

chairThis is my gramma’s rocker.
It was given to her by my grandfather when she was pregnant with my mother.
Gramma rocked her children and her grandchildren in this chair.
When she died it was given to my mother who rocked her grandchildren in it.
When my mother died the chair became mine.
I have rocked all my catkids in it.
This year the chair is 99 years old.
It will always be “Gramma’s rocker”.

14 thoughts on “T=traces

    1. There is a highchair in our family, too. My brother’s and I sat in it and my brother’s kids and then his grandkids and now his great-grands. It has seen a lot of life.

    1. I have enjoyed the challenge again year. It’s fun to come up with something different, yet within the parameters of the challenge, every day.

  1. My daughter has the rocker my mother gave me when I was pregnant with my oldest child. She now has that rocker and it is almost an antique.

  2. I always wanted to have a nice rocker like this one! Definitely a thing to be treasured. Thank you for the entry, Patricia.

    1. It is very special. Sadly there is no one who values it like I do so when I’m gone I guess the chair will have a new family.

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