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V=victory and success…

The A to Z Challenge 
letter today is

Hello Everyone,
I have exciting news for you!

I have been
When Mama adopted me she told me I would have a big brother, Teddy.
She also told me that it would take him awhile to get used to having a sibling.
She said for some becoming a big brother was difficult and little brothers had to be patient.
I have been patient!  Very patient!

I was beginning to think Teddy would never accept that Mama adopted me.
But it seems even the stubbornest of cats eventually come around to the facts of life.

Teddy has agreed to share Mama’s bed.
And he understands that not all the toys are just for him.
Okay, the banana is his, but the rest we share.

We play tag. It’s great fun.
First Teddy chases me then I chase him.
Sometimes we wrestle.
Wrestling is fun too except when Teddy forgets it’s a game
we play for fun not to beat each other up.

Teddy is learning how to be a good big brother
and that makes me a successful little brother.

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.

The prompt this week
“Success is never permanent.  Failures are never final.
The only thing that counts is to never, ever give up.”

Author Unknown

12 thoughts on “V=victory and success…

  1. I agree with you totally, Jack, success is winning over the hearts of others and it looks like you’ve finally managed to worm your way into Teddy’s heart. Although he might not admit it, I know having you around has added some excitement to his days – those games of tag are good for him… and fun! Toby is our little brother here, he loves to chase his big sisters around the house until they all get tired and ready for a nap. I’m so glad your Mama brought you home and that you are making your own place there, and on her bed too. You are a very handsome boy and It’s obvious that you are loved!

    1. Teddy was a hard case for sure. But he has come around to the fact I am here to stay. Mama thinks he has slimmed down some with all our running around. He was a bit pudgy when I got here.

  2. Happy news the boys have an understanding. Everything you said about Teddy I can say for Lady G. I love watching them play. They’re better than television or the movies. 🙂

    1. Yes, happy news. I think they have an understanding because Jack is pretty laid back and not much bothers him. He can walk away from Teddy and find something else to amuse himself. teddy is a whole ‘nother story!

        1. My cat Dolly tolerated Henry for 16 years then he died. I was kinda glad he died first so Dolly could be an only cat for her last days. I think Teddy will be the same. As long as he gets his way all is well.

          1. I adopted Lacy and Magic (both girls) a month a part. They were never friends. Lacy was a real bitchy cat. I always hoped she would die first so Magic would have peace and the run of the house. It didn’t work like that. In fact Lacy lived to be almost 19 driving some other cats crazy.

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