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The A to Z Challenge
letter today is
w4pI love hot soapy water.


Bubble baths are the best.
Whatever may be bothering me
be it physical, mental, or emotional
a hot bubble bath makes everything better.

Hot showers are good, too.


Not quite the same as a bubble bath,
but a great quick fix for a tired achy body.

I even like to wash dishes.


It is kind of relaxing to wash dishes
and it’s a good time to just ponder life.
I will admit that I am very glad that I have
a dishwasher so doing dishes by hand
never becomes a daily chore.

Just give me some hot water and bubbles and I am happy.

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9 thoughts on “W=water…

  1. Ahhh yes… Hot showers and Bubble baths. Haven’t done the latter in quite sometime.

  2. I agree with all the above. I have a dishwasher, but enjoy washing dishes by hand because I get to slow down, relax and daydream. I love hot water best and wouldn’t enjoy a cold shower. Brrr.

      1. I’d love a hot bath, especially when I’m chilled. 🙂 The sun warmed my bones yesterday. It felt so good. Seems we sprang straight into summer and missed spring–for one day at least.

  3. I too enjoy washing dishes by hand but only occasionally. I used to have baths but that was before the day I couldn’t get out because of the bath oil I had liberally sprinkled into the water. So now I only shower – good but not the same. One can’t read a book in the shower alas.

    1. I do like washing dishes but if I had to do it everyday I would hate it. Sad about no baths for you. Maybe you need to get one of those walk-in tubs.

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