Mothers and memories…

spankySaying the final farewell to her mama was the hardest thing she had ever done.Leaving the cemetery, she knew exactly what she needed and where to get it. In the long ago past, she had a special friend to go to and tell her troubles to that always understood and never judged She needed such a friend now and headed to the Mall to buy what she needed She found it quickly and bought it knowing all would be well now that she had her big brown teddy bear to help her through her troubles.

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18 thoughts on “Mothers and memories…

    1. If it hadn’t been for my teddy bear my childhood, at times, would have been very difficult. He was a great comfort. Yes, my Guy, was a blessing.

  1. This time 3 years ago, there was no sign but I knew it was going to be the last Mothers Day. It was. I found the card in her things. She must have known too as she had saved it.

    1. Sometimes we just know. I knew the last time I was with my mother that it was the last time we would be together. Mothers have a special place in our minds and hearts that is an especially strong connection for some of us.

  2. Perfect! We do associate the comforts of childhood with our mothers, and a teddy Bear to hug is most certainly the next best thing ,especially one that conjures up sweet memories of it’s predecessor bear. I just know this furry guy is much loved, and I know the mama who is missed is smiling. ❤

    1. I still have the teddy bear my grandpa gave me the day I was born. He is pretty much hairless and falling apart. He knows all my childhood hopes and dreams and secrets.
      The bear in the picture in the post was like my old bear when a few years ago I needed something to hold onto to get me through some bleak days and nights. I guess we don’t ever really grow up completely.

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