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Steam rising…


It was like watching a pot boil.  Right now it was at a low boil, just past the simmering point, but anyone paying attention could see it was on its way to a full rolling boil and the lid was going to blow sky high.  Of course, as usual, everyone was so intent on having their say and getting what they wanted no one could see what was happening right in front of them.  You would think that after all this time together they would know the signs and turn down the heat before it was too late. You would think that by now they would know to shut up and listen before the old man let his temper get to a full boil and the steam made him blow his top.

The prompt this week for Five Sentence Fiction is Steam

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16 thoughts on “Steam rising…

    1. I think most are guilty of being focused on self a bit too much to see anyone else. I know I am often blind to what someone else is feeling.

  1. I thought that pic was of a spaceship, damaged and bleeding off oxygen and fluids. I probably thought that because I’m more familiar with spaceships than kitchen equipment! lol

    1. How funny. I guess it all depends on where your interests are and what you are most comfortable with, Me, I don’t care much for travel of any kind and I like food so I am more comfortable with kitchen equipment.

  2. Excellent story, Patricia! I am always amazed at how people will be so wrapped up in their own side of a conversation that they miss all the cues telling them things are about to go very bad. We need to know when to speak, we also need to know when to listen, and when to silently observe! I’m certain being present when this old man had finally had enough wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone!

    1. We can get all wrapped in ourselves and lose sight of what is happening to others. I have mixed feelings about people who lose their tempers and just let go. I don’t think it is a good thing but in our house there was silence. A heavy, mean, seething silence that was awful. There were times I would have liked a full blasting roar and have it over with..

    1. Thank you. I liked imagining a family around a dinner table…unfortunately for too many families this is not a fictional tale.

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