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The Umbrella Tree…

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Like all children sometimes she thought life was just too complicated and confusing. What always helped her work out the puzzle of life was to go down the road to her magic place under the old Umbrella tree. She would sit there and let her mind wander where it would and before long the complexities and confusion would seem smaller and less troublesome. She was no longer a child but at times life still seemed an impossible puzzle and she would seek a diversion to help her recapture the contentment and tranquility that had slipped away. That’s why today she finds herself walking down the road to the Umbrella tree where she will sit and let her mind wander and soon all the pains and problems of life will ease and the magic place will soothe her soul.

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27 thoughts on “The Umbrella Tree…

  1. Hi Patricia – should have read “magic place” although perhaps there is also magic lace under your umbrella tree – the sun shining through the leaves making shadows.

      1. It is a real story. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you desired to do it, you could write a novel. I’ve written a good one that few people know about or read. I have read your five sentence story, and it’s good. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I loved this story, Patricia, because I have found solace under a tree since I was very young. Tree spirits have a way of sharing their strength with us, and I always felt comforted and more at peace when I went away. Beautifully written!

    1. Thank you. I never thought of tree spirits! How lovely that you find comfort and peace under a tree. Do you have a tree in your yard where a strengthening spirit resides?

      1. Sadly no, we have one small but rapidly growing globe willow tree, which is indeed and umbrella tree and one day will be big! It has a survivor spirit, having already overcome assaults of drought, ice, wind, and hail. I love it and talk to it regularly! 🙂

        1. Willow trees are beautiful. There was one in our neighborhood when I was a kid. It was a favorite place to meet but I liked it best when I was there alone with a book.

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