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Catching up…

I have been a real slacker with my posting of the
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
Not because I am not grateful but because
I tend to put things off.  It’s called procrastination.
But today I am going to catch up!


  • Week 18  The Weather

I am grateful for the diversity of the weather.
It changes from season to season and sometimes from day to day.
Sometimes it rains on my parade but that’s ok…I have an umbrella.

  • Week 19   Health

I am basically a pretty healthy person.
I do have a couple of challenges that sometimes flare,
but they are not life-threatening.they just get in the way sometimes.
I am grateful for the good days and for the bad that keep me humble.

  • Week 20   A Friend

I have a friend, Lucy.
I really have a hard time expressing all she means to me.
She is a treasure in my heart who I love beyond words
She is my friend and sister in faith.
I thank God daily for her friendship and love.

  • Week 21   Things You Like About Summer

Summer isn’t my favorite time of the year, but it is a beautiful time.
I am grateful for the longer daylight hours, the blooming flowers,
the fresh fruit and vegetables and slower pace of life.

  • Week 22    Something You Use Every Day

I am grateful for my brain.
I use it every day and it never really fails me.
It works just like it is supposed to keeping all systems in order and working.
Sometimes there is a glitch but it rights itself quickly.

  • Week 23    Favorite Physical Trait

I don’t think I have a favorite physical trait.
If pushed to pick something I guess it would be my skin.
It is a bit sensitive but with few wrinkles and rarely a blemish.
Yeah, I am grateful that my skin looks younger than my years.

So there you have it. All caught up.

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