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Is fear a choice?…

“Danger is real, fear is a choice.”
Will Smith

I am not sure I agree with Mr Smith.
I do agree danger is real, but I am not sure fear is a choice.
I do think what we do when afraid and how we react is a choice.

When we are afraid we may run and hide.
Then we have a choice stay in our hiding place or leave it.
When we are afraid of something we can do everything
possible to avoid it or we can choose to confront it.

Fear has many faces and is different for everyone.
What you fear I may laugh at and you may think my fear is silly.
But for each of us the fear, real or imagined, is not a choice it just is.

The challenge is to do what needs to be done to overcome it.
Easier said than done, I know.
Sometimes we have the courage within us to deal with it on our own.
Other times we may need help.  No shame in that.
But it can be hard to admit we are afraid and need help.

We would be wise to take some advice from Jack.
He watched Teddy jump up on the armoire in my bedroom.
It’s a tall armoire, about six and a half feet tall, and Teddy loves it up there.
So one day Jack jumped up there.
He did not love it!
He was afraid up there and afraid to jump down.
I was in the kitchen and could hear him crying for help.
helpI know just how he felt.
He didn’t choose to be afraid. But he was.
And he was smart enough to call for help.

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12 thoughts on “Is fear a choice?…

    1. Hi Michelle. Nice to see you. Are you still blogging? You haven’t been coming up on my following list.. Maybe WP messed up?

      1. I’ve still got my site, but I haven’t blogged in nearly a year. Just a piece here and there. But I’m thinking about getting back in to it! And I’m working on a zombie short story that I’ll put up there too. I’m reading some, but not daily like I used to. I want to keep up with everyone though!

        1. I have taken bits of time off here and there. Not a year but several days. I always enjoyed your posts and photos. Now a zombie story! Get it posted girl!

          1. Haha, it’s not a good zombie story. But at least I’ll be able to say I wrote a piece of fiction.

            I enjoy your blog too! I just am so out of the habit of reading anything. 😦 I need to get myself back in the blog game!

  1. In my post, I agree with you, that fear is not really a choice, how we handle it is. Jack had it right, when it doubt cry out for help! We can be so reticent to ask when we need it, but if we ask, God will surely make a way! I love your thoughts on this and the way you incorporated your wonderful fur kids into the tale, it made good sense, and we need more of that in life!

    1. When I saw Jack up there so afraid I was reminded of how afraid I was for many years.
      He is smarter than me he didn’t try to hide his fear and think it would just go away…he cried out for help. If I had been as smart I would have saved myself a lot of pain and heartache.

    1. He was so pathetic. He would not jump down until I sat on the bed and talked to him. Needless to say he has not been up there since.

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