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  1. Cats are awesome alright. WHAT A SENSATIONAL PICTURE..should be entered in a contest. He is one handsome cat. That’s what they used to say about Miles Davis. LOL

      1. He did catch one on the balcony. Made an awful racket trying to bring it in and was very mad when I made him let it go.

  2. Cats are awesome, huh? Very amusing animals. Sadly, my indoor cat got out almost a month ago while my ex-husband was here visiting with the kids and I was gone. I haven’t seen her since. :/ We still hope she finds her way back home….

  3. Aww, pigeons are just Rock Doves. They can’t help it that they are a “nuisance” to some. But, to a cat, a bird is a bird…and entertainment!

  4. got some pigeons who roost on the bars under my roof, a bit of a nuisance thought they mess up the place

    thanks for dropping in at my blog; have a wonderful weekend

    much love…

    1. Pigeons are dirty birds and smelly. Because I have cats that spend time on the balcony I don’t have problems but some folks without cats do.

    1. That armoire is seven feet tall! He sits on the bookcase that is under the window about three feet away and sort of launches himself. It is quite a sight. He sleeps up there in the early mornings. I worry that he will get hurt but so far the only thing being hurt is the armoire. Lots of scratched on the side.

  5. Oh my. I know that look. Poor Teddy.
    My cat Dickens wants badly at the window. They are high and not accessible. He sits on my table and looks UP. I haven’t figured out how to make him a spot to sit on so he can look out directly. 😦

    1. Teddy gets up on that seven foot tall armoire from a small bookcase that is about three feet away. If the window has a deep enough sill or you add a shelf and a nearby table Dickens will figure it out. But then he might be like Jack and once up there find he doesn’t like it.

      1. Dickens jumped onto the window ledge in my bedroom a couple times but not since. That window offers more: squirrels and birds. The dining-room window faces a fence. I have china cabinets on either side of that window and didn’t want him crawling over top. We’ll see. Something might work out. I picture both cats fighting each other for the window. 😀

    1. He sleeps up there in the early mornings and watches them when he wakes up. He was about two when he realized he could jump up there…so about two years.

    1. So true. He once caught one on the balcony and tried to bring it in. Very upset with me when I wouldn’t let him and the pigeon got away.

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