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It’s embarrassing…

Oh no, I did it again.


I’m so embarrassed.

I upset Mama and Teddy.
You see I have a little problem judging distance.
Most of the time I do ok.
But sometimes…like when I am in the litter box…
I misjudge how far in I am and after I pee
and turn around to cover the puddle
I see that I peed outside the box.
Mama doesn’t like stepping in pee puddles at all!
And Teddy can’t stand pee puddles where they don’t belong.
So now Mama has a pad under and around the box
to sop up the puddles.
A puppy pad!
It’s so embarrassing.


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21 thoughts on “It’s embarrassing…

  1. Sounds like there are any possible solutions, and I’m sure you won’t need to feel embarrassed for long. I bet Mama will give you lots of cuddles to help you get over it.

      1. Nice peoples have been giving Mama good ideas, but so far we still have that puppy pad under the box. I don’t like cuddles, but I do like a good scratch around the ears and on my chin.

    1. Thank you, Ms Anita. I don’t know anything about puppy love, being a cat and all. But if puppy pads keep Mama in a good mood I will accept them as part of the litter box.

  2. We used to have that trouble so I got one of those longer storage totes with high sides, cut a cat sized hole in one end, and viola, no more puddles. Those standard litter boxes are too shallow and just not made for large cats.

    1. I told Mama about this, but she says we don’t have enough room for a bigger box and if Teddy manages to pee in the box it shouldn’t be a problem for me.

      1. I just got a new litter box at PETsMART that isn’t overly large, and has a hole cut in the top of the lid for entry/exit, rather than being open on the side. It’s easy for them to get in and out, it affords them some privacy, and the top is vented so that air circulates, light gets in, and any litter on their toes falls back in when they climb out. I got it at PETsMART, love it, and plan to get a couple more! You might try that, Jack would be sure to be fully in the box and accidents wouldn’t happen, so he wouldn’t have to be an embarrassed kitty with a puppy pad! 😉

  3. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens here all the time which is why we always have puppy pads by the box.

  4. Oops…it happens. Our Wilbur used to do that. He had lived outside for years until he finally trusted us to trap him when he got sick. He was about 14 then. He took to pans well, but sometimes misjudged or flipped them over! We forgave him, but his roommate, Echo, would be upset. They had been strays together but took to the house very well.

    1. I was a stray for a while, but I like having a home better. Teddy frowns on puddles outside the box. He thinks he’s perfect.

  5. Oh, Jack. I see how embarrassed you are. You’re lucky Mama is forgiving and found a solution. Maybe you’ll get better aim soon? Just relax and don’t stress ’cause that won’t help. 😮 😀

      1. I’m sure with a little practice you’ll manage. If I could I’d send you a taller box since I bought matching ones for my two kitties. 😀
        I’m sure not only Mama, but you don’t want to step into a pee puddle either.

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