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Imagination and knowledge…


Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

I certainly am not going to disagree with Albert Einstein, I am smarter than that,
but I will add my two cents.

I don’t know if one can exist without the other.
Imagination makes one wonder and that often leads to study and knowledge.
Knowledge can spark the imagination which opens the mind to new things.

There are people with lots of imagination and little knowledge
and there are people with lots of knowledge and little imagination

.How empty life would be if learned people had no flights of fantasy
and creative people never came down to earth.

Proves to me that we need each other to make life interesting,
sometimes challenging and often…a bit crazy.

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.

6 thoughts on “Imagination and knowledge…

  1. I agree with you. We need knowledge as much as we need imagination. But then, as you pointed out, who are we to disagree with Albert Einstein? Ha! Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. I think I would have liked talking with Mr Einstein. For all his intelligence, it seems like he was a normal person and had a sense of humor. And I like his hair. 🙂

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