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There was a storm…

This is what I usually see from the balcony door.
The city and trees.
The dome in the center is the State Capitol Building.


Saturday afternoon we had an amazing storm.
It only lasted about fifteen minutes.
But what a fifteen minutes.


Lots of wind and rain and a little lightning.
There were no power outages, damages or injuries
My kinda storm.
But where did the city go?

6 thoughts on “There was a storm…

  1. I love these photos. Storms can be so scary unless you’re safe while watching one rage. I myself love a hard rain where even I can hear it pelt against the street and windows. There’s something wonderful about it, and it smells so good too.

  2. There have been some wicked ones this year! Bill encounters so many on the road. He will call and we really do discuss the weather. Stay safe!

    1. I don’t like being out in a storm especially on the interstate. That’s just scary. When I am all safe and cozy I am fine unless the wind is really strong and the lightning is close then I git skeered.

      1. Those are the ones I don’t like either. A quick shower or a light rain are even satisfying but thunder, lightening, high winds: no. I’ve seen too much damage because of them. 😦

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