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Another fall…


apple pie

“Honey, you have outdone yourself with this delicious dessert!”  “I got the recipe from a skinny little guy while waiting for the bus to go to the grocery store.  We got to talking about food and recipes and he said he just happened to have a great recipe for a dessert and he gave it to me.”  “Listen, you know I don’t like you talking to strange men at the bus stop or anywhere else for that matter.”  ” Nothing to worry about, Darling, it was just a harmless conversation at the bus stop about food.”  “Well, I don’t like it, but that guy sure gave you a terrific recipe for apple pie.”

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27 thoughts on “Another fall…

  1. The old saying is “don’t trust a skinny cook” ….but in this case, it’s worth at least seeing how the pie taste…it could end up being a prized one!

  2. Definitely beware of “skinny guys” with intentions of enticing you with apples! This is a very old tale indeed, and it didn’t end well at all, as I recall. ;-). Loved it, Patricia. So often stories say much more than meets the eye!

    1. Thanks, Josie. Interesting that most saw it as a nice story about a recipe. I meant it to be more but I guess I was off the mark.

    1. Yes, it’s allusive. Fall can mean something other than Autumn and apples have been used in stories for centuries. Take a nap and read it again.

    1. I hope someone reads deeper and understands the story. If you do let me know. I feel like i have failed in my intention for the story.

  3. This reminds me a little of my great aunt, who was a telephone operator. She was listening in on a conversation about a recipe and was writing it down and missed an ingredient, but she couldn’t ask either party, because then they’d know she was listening in!

  4. I love this best apple pie recipe story. You can learn so many things from striking up random conversations.

  5. Interesting little tale. I love flash fiction and may give this meme a try.

    Right now I am bottle feeding a litter of kittens, though. They are first priority. ☺

    1. The only stories I write are 5 or 6 sentences long. Kinda funny since I can ramble on.

      I have been reading about your kittens. Kids are always a first priority…human ones or furries.

      1. you know I caught the “skinny little guy” part and thought ” well, steve cooks great and he’s skinny as heck!” my brother!

        1. Steve might be skinny like the guy in the story, but a am sure he isn’t slimy or sinister like like the guy with the apple recipe.

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