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Too hot!

Hello, everyone.

It is hot!

I mean like 100*

Teddy and I won’t stay out on the balcony
except for a little while in the early morning.
Mama isn’t really a get up early people so it doesn’t happen often.
Anyway, it is much nicer inside where there is cool air.

I would like it to cool down, but Mama says it
is going to be like this for at least another week.


I think this is how I will be spending the week,
relaxing in the chair and dreaming about feathers.
Have. I told you how much I love feathers?
No, well, maybe another day I will.


Ps. If you get a chance go see In Other Words.
You can write something and link it if you want.

7 thoughts on “Too hot!

  1. Jack is smart alright…just like his brother you I’m bettin is a major influence. Yes, to stay in plopped in an easy chair cool as can be is the way to go…as we speak I’m plopped in mine. Great photo of Jack 🙂

      1. No way I look best in my furs. I just like playing with the feathers especially when Mama waves the feathers on a stick. Stay cool Ms. Susannah.

    1. Today was only 98*. But we still were only out for about a half an hour then we came in. Mama didn’t have to tell us we just came back in. We know where the comfortable places are.

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