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Four and then two…

Hilary at Feeling Beachie hosts Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.
This week all four of the fill-in fun were provided by
Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews.

Here are my four fill-ins:


  1. Leaving someone out is unkind but sometimes can’t be helped.
  2. Blogging is a fun kind of work and takes some discipline of which I have little.
  3. Asking about why you never married or had children is just plain rude and nobodies business.
  4. Would you post a personal story about someone without asking their permission first?

And this week’s
Celebrate The Small Thingscateye2

  1. Had my A-scan and pre-op and have confirmed dates for my cataract surgeries.
    This is really something to celebrate.  Mid-August I will see clearly out of one eye
    and late September I will see clearly out of both eyes!
  2. I also celebrate the temperatures are out of the 100* range. Now they are merely in the mid to upper 90’s.

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Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

18 thoughts on “Four and then two…

  1. Our office administrator had the cataract surgery and she loves it. She now wears reading glasses though as She had lasik as well and she had to choose one or the other, near or far. I’m hoping to get lasik next year. I’ve been trying to reverse dry eye from breastfeeding so hopefully my hormones will straighten out lol

    1. I am impatiently waiting for surgery. I am told I probably will not have to wear glasses except for readers that I can get at the drug store. I hope it works out that way. Breastfeeding can cause dry eyes? Bummer.

      1. Hormones and not drinking enough water when nursing. Your body takes any and all fluids for the milk. I hate drinking water. Paying for that now lol

        1. I have never heard this. Do doctors tell nursing mothers about the need for plenty of water or do they think you should just know this?

  2. totally agree about #3. Only a really really, and I mean REALLY close friend, would I ever reply to such an intrusive question. And I would certainly never ask anyone myself. Just like I would never tell someone else’s story on my blog. It’s their story to tell – not mine. If they wanted me to tell it for them, then fine. I’d be happy and honoured to work with someone that way.

  3. Im thinking, you’re celebrating 90 instead of 100 Im wearing layers and thinking about starting the woodstove here, its only 50…brrr. (NOT complaining. not after last wintah)…but the rain is nice.

  4. I did exactly what you did, both eyes, no problem. after wearing glasses from the time I was 7, I am now 20-30 in both eyes. the miracle is, its so easy these days. Enjoy.

    1. I am very excited. I have been told I will not have to wear glasses and I have been wearing them since I was 8. It will be very nice to see without everything being dim and blurry.

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