14 thoughts on “Keeping cool…

  1. A secure and trusting cat will lie on his back exposing his belly. Your home must be a safe house for Teddy from all enemies. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. He knows he is safe with me and sleeps on his back often. He gets a little put out that Jack wants to play whenever he sees him sleeping on his back.

    1. Cats do make interesting pets. I think because they think the most mundane things are worth their time. There are some really funny videos out there that;s for sure.

  2. My fur kids all hang out under the ceiling fan when it is so very hot here – triple digits all week (sigh), and Toby has been known to lay across the AC vent on the floor when he really needs to chill out! I don’t blame them with those heavy fur coats! Looks to me like Teddy has it all figured out, cats are really much smarter than they sometimes get credit for!

  3. We are in a serious, stormy heatwave here. The power keeps going out, and the Internet is unstable. I hope to be back with a post tomorrow!
    In the meantime, this looks like a great idea! ☺

    1. Our weather has been the same here. It will be sunny and hot and in minutes a storm blows through for a bit then back to hot and humid. So far no power outages or internet interruptions. In front of the fan is a popular spot and sometimes disputed territory.

    1. Congrats on the new catkid. Kittens are such fun. No two are alike except that they are all wonderful. Enjoy your baby.

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