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Strangers in our place…

There are strangers in our place.


Mama says it’s okay, but I am not so sure.
They are poking into things that don’t belong to them.
Mama says they are doing a survey of the building
and she is letting them look in here.

I don’t know how to count so I can’t tell you how many there are,
but there are a lot of people in here and it is crowded.
I don’t know what a survey is either just that it involves nosy people.

Teddy is in the bedroom under the quilt.  He is afraid of strangers.
I better go check on him.


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11 thoughts on “Strangers in our place…

  1. Most pets do not care for intruders. Jack is normal and wise. Chelsea seems to love all strangers without restraint. She has no fear of rejection and just doesn’t understand it when it occasionally happens. She is mystified and feels sorry for them in their loss. Life goes on and a bad experience does not seem to change her happy little attitude. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. Aww! Such a cute little post! Love your cats and cute Teddy. I hope he’s OK after the ‘strangers’ have gone. My cat is just the same . But loves my friends; such a good judge of characters are cats. xx

    1. Teddy survived the trauma of strangers in his home. I have had him almost 4 years and only a couple of people have actually seen him. He is like a phantom cat. Thank you for visiting. The door is always open and Teddy and Jack post quite often. 🙂

  3. Some of mine would be quick to find a hiding place, while Sophie would surely offer them milk and cookies and show them where we keep the good stuff 🙂

    1. They are all different aren’t they? I have never before had a cat as shy as Teddy. I guess it’s because he had a rough early kittenhood.

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