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Bubbles and comfort zones…

From Her Diary

soap-bubbles-801927_640I have always lived a quiet safe little life and have been happy or so I thought, but lately I have been feeling restless and bored.  Surely, there is more to life than predictable days and uneventful weeks plodding along year after year.  I want to go new places, try new things, meet people who are different than me, have adventures and excitement, and maybe even fall in love. It is going to be hard and I am scared, but I am going to burst the bubble of my comfort zone and go after everything I want in life. Okay, that’s decided and after some more planning and a good nights sleep I will take my first step tomorrow,…maybe.

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Everything you ever wanted is one step out of your comfort zone.”
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Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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10 thoughts on “Bubbles and comfort zones…

  1. It’s funny, as I read that I thought, wow, this is just not her…my happy to be quietly home with Teddy and Jack…a book twin. How we get to one other through our words is really impressive when you think of it 🙂

    1. I though people would know it wasn’t biographical because I linked to FSF and I gave it the title I did. But it seems readers think it is about me. Glad you
      got it, my cyberfriend.

  2. Reach to a world beyond your little world and am sure it will be exciting and thrilling visiting new places, unfamiliar faces. All the best.

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