Celebrate the Small Things · Friday Four Fill-in Fun

Friday stuff…

Hilary at Feeling Beachie and Patricia at A Season And A Time
came up with his weeks Friday Fill-Ins
and here’s my two cents worth.

  1. I don’t like a messy disorganized office. 
  2. A messy disorganized office makes me not a nice worker bee 
  3. It’s a challenge for me to talk to people I don’t know.
  4. My favorite time to sleep is after I turn off the alarm.IMAG00211.jpg

And now on to
Celebrate The Small Things

Still too hot but not in the upper 90’s so I took walks longer than a couple of blocks.
It has been weeks since I have had a good long walk of an hour or so.
I look forward to getting back into the routine.
Why is easier to get out of the routine than it is to get back into it?

I have the best friends always willing to help me out
and this week was no different.

A co-workers kids came to work with her today.
To have something to do her son made us rubber band bracelets.
So cute.

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Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.

20 thoughts on “Friday stuff…

  1. I have to be really careful about going back to sleep after the alarm goes off, otherwise I may surprise myself by sleeping much longer than I expected to. I find it easier to work, and live, for that matter, in a less cluttered atmosphere. That is not saying that I live in a sterile atmosphere, but I do appreciate a certain degree of neatness.

  2. I feel so disorganized right now! Blogging has taken a hit, though. Bill was home. His sister and her husband came to visit. The minions are 9 weeks old, and very, very active!
    I am working on time management. I want to get back to a routine. I miss writing…but, I do love those minions.

  3. Walking sounds nice, although over here I’ll have to wait until late for it to be cool enough. Then again, evenings are beautiful.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.

    1. Today was too hot again, but it should start cooling down in a month. No walk today and the weekend has been uneventful…which ain’t a bad thing.

    1. I have gotten better over the years. Working in commission sales sorta makes you push yourself! But I still am not very good at small talk with people I don’t know.

  4. Summertime heat saps all my energy too. I’m looking forward to fall and to long walks also. Spending too much time at my computer is turning me into an elephant. Yay for good friends and for cute rubber band bracelets! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Thank you for sharing the small things in to celebrate life. It’s very uplifting. At least you went out rather than all coop up. Hot weather can make lethargic. Still am.

  6. I, too, turn off the alarm and enjoy very much spending more time resting. Now that I am retired, I consider the alarm a mere suggestion. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. I work part-time now and it is harder to get up than when I worked full-time. I really don’t know why. Considering the alarm a mere suggestion is reward for all the years you worked.

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