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Teddy’s update…


Hi, my Peoples.

Just wanted to let you know Jack and I, mostly me,
have been worried about Mama.
First she had the plague and finally it went away.
Then she had to take an antibiotic for something, she didn’t tell me what,
and she had a very severe reaction to it.
She was really sick!
Which is why she has been missing from here.
She says she will be back to normal tomorrow.
Well, she may be here, but I am not sure about the normal part.
We love her anyway.

And if that wasn’t enough, we live in Columbia, SC.
Yep, the place in the news with all the broken roads and bridges and lots of water.
We are high and dry but didn’t have water for about 36 hours.
Go figure, so much water everywhere but not any in the pipes!
Now we have to boil the water to make it safe.
Really no big deal compared to what some are facing.
Jack and I are sending them paw pats, head bumps and purrs.

We are very thankful for all the people that are helping
our state and it’s citizens to get through this emergency.

Mama will talk to you tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Teddy’s update…

  1. Animals are amazing as they know when we humans are sick. Glad to hear you are okay with all of the flooding that is happening in SC. Stay safe.

    1. Our furry family members are very sensitive to their humans. The flooding in this area is receding but the coast is in for a tough couple of weeks.

  2. Glad to hear Mama, you and Jack are high and dry in this terrible weather you’re experiencing. Awful what the storm is doing. Sorry to hear she hasn’t been well, but I see you fur kids have been looking out for her. Thanks for the update. I feel better knowing she’s on the mend. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Teddy and Jack have been sweet boys and very patient with me. As sick as I was it was nothing compared to what some folks have been experiencing. It will be some time before this is over.

  3. Lots going on there! I’m glad your Mama is getting better and we are sending head butts, paw pats and purrs to everyone down there. Oh yes, the human wishes you the best too!

  4. Thank you, Teddy. We care very much about you, Jack, and your Mama. We are glad you are all safe. Thank goodness Mama is feeling better. We wish her a full, speedy recovery. ❤

    1. Thank you, Annie. Teddy has been so sweet while I was sick, but then he is a sweet cat. I am better but missed taking part of your quote challenge. I am still going to add mine as soon as I get my act together again.

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